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    He’s doing some heavy reading in there.

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    I believe he has every intention of killing off the leaders of everyone who has ever sought power. Every would-be king, every jumpstart lord. Every one of them will die before the end, whether they are the nominal good guys or not. Because Martin is writing not about a battle between good and evil but about the death of an era, about the destruction of the old order in the face of the new. Some few will doubtlessly survive, but it will be those who are humble, those who are willing to give up power. Those bastards and dwarves who turned aside from the temptations of power.

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    Brian Jones is dead. Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman attend the funeral, but Mick Jagger is in Australia shooting Ned Kelly and Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg (who was Brian’s girlfriend but is now with Keith) stay away. Trynka estimates the Brian Jones’ estate collects a mere 20,000 pounds a year in royalties for his children and grandchildren. Considering the millions and millions of dollars that the Stones make — admittedly most of it from later recordings — this seems deeply rotten.

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    “Headline for Ariana Grande,” Ingraham continued, “maybe you should re-read the lyrics to ‘Problem,’ maybe that should be your new theme. The last time I checked, the poor people who like to buy doughnuts also bought a lot of your stupid music!”

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    But, he added, “the worst case scenario is that Trump is running a campaign that is only about Trump, and [GOP Senate candidates] are constantly under the gun and trying to answer the latest policy announcement he makes.”?

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    James Corden didn’t pull any punches on Friday evening’s Late Late Show. In his opening monologue, Corden mocked presidential candidate Ben Carson for saying he was “suspending” his campaign while he was going on a book tour for two weeks. A campaign aide later said the campaign was in fact continuing, but it didn’t stop the actor and comedian from his sarcastic slams of Carson and his recent comments about …. well…. everything.

    Not the case for David and Hollie Smith.

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    Later in the program, conservative radio host Laura Ingraham called Grande “another spoiled, entitled pop princess who’s benefited lucratively from being in this country, from being American.” She criticized the pop star for making fun of the doughnut and, having read her mind, thinking that Americans are “all fat, stupid, don’t eat organic, eat stuff like ramen noodles and mac and cheese.”

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    Ayotte, Kirk and Heck have criticized Trump’s controversial comments on immigration, while Burr said Thursday that he is “delighted” by Trump’s passion.?

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    “I mean, this is ridiculous,” he continued. “You should suspend your campaign because you keep saying crazy things! Not because you wrote those crazy things down!”

    The six-minute video of the couple’s first dance starts with the pair in the classic ballroom stance, but this clip didn’t get over 770,000 views for a simple waltz. Just six seconds in, the Justin Timberlake ballad stops and Jay Z begins. From there the Smiths work their way through more than 10 hip-hop hits, including „Uptown Funk,“ „Single Ladies“ and „Baby Got Back.“

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    „Like I tell my five sisters, who don’t work at it very hard at all, whatever you put in, you get out,“ Bündchen, who is mom to Benjamin, 5, and Vivian, 2, with husband Tom Brady, 37, told Vogue U.K. in 2011. „I’m not afraid of working hard at anything, whatever it is. I just always want to be the best that I can.“

    These calls are gradually learned but limited to alarms only. There is no evidence for vervets stringing them together, let alone generating open-ended sentences. They do not show any evidence for recursion in their communication. A monkey may on occasion falsely utter the alarm call for “leopard,” making the rest of the troop run up the tree while he stays behind and eats the food the others discarded. This seems like a pretty clever form of tactical deception, but it also illustrates the lack of reasoning about what the others know. The monkeys up in the tree do not seem troubled by the fact the individual that cried wolf did not flee himself and instead took their food. They do not seem to reflect on (that is, meta-represent) the discrepancy between what the individual’s alarm represents and what his lack of running away represents. There is no evidence of reflective embedding in other monkey communication either. Although perhaps a building block on which human language was constructed, the calls of monkeys are limited in terms of flexibility, meaning, and use.

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    “What she did is criminal,” he replied, yet again refusing identify the nature of her allegedly criminal activities. “We will see what happens. But I think Hillary’s got a lot of problems.”
    Trump began by speaking vaguely about what he said were his first “very strong statements” about Hillary Clinton. Presumably referring to the New York Times article whose credibility rapidly eroded revision-by-revision on Friday, Trump said that “what she has done is criminal. I meant, what she has done is criminal. I don’t see how she can run.”

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    2 days ago

    Don’t believe in the hype that it’s impossible.

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    (Photos: Facebook/Miranda Levy)

    Filming will resume in August, reportedly at Universal City in Hollywood, where an enormous Pirates set awaits to be plundered.

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    „He is so good at what he does,“ Pickler, 28, tells PEOPLE. „The music he’s produced for Lee Brice is all over the radio! I’m so excited to be in the studio again recording a new album, and working with Kyle has been amazing.?He has watched me perform for years, so it was great to have a front row seat as an artist and see him in his element.“

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    There’s this idea that herpes is super-easily spread. If you know that you have herpes and if a partner tells you they have herpes, you’re much less of a threat than somebody who has not been diagnosed because you’re more likely to understand your body and take the right precautions to keep your partner safe.?Most people have a painful semi-miserable first outbreak, but my second outbreak, which I had been living in fear of for so long, was just an annoyance. I had two or three sores, I took some Valtrex and some Tylenol; it didn’t really bother me. It’s just a skin condition. I would rather have herpes than a sinus infection. I used to get so many sinus infections and I would be out for the count for two weeks.

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    For more royal photos and all the details on Will and Kate’s growing family, pick up People’s Princess Charlotte collector’s edition, in stores May 15. Or download the digital version at

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